Would it help if you opened the new window with some sort of GET variable
which alerted PHP that it has to kill the existing session, and fire up a
new one with the current user?



Justin French

on 25/06/02 9:16 PM, George Whiffen ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Riaan Stander wrote:
>> Hi there
>> I know this is not a php specific question, but I don't know where else to
>> ask.
>> I've got the following situation. The website I'm currently working on has
>> got a administration page where the administration user must be able to
>> login as all the users available. It is fine getting all the data, but I
>> want to open the login in a new browser window, otherwise the administrator
>> has go to re-login with his account. Thus, I need to somehow open a new
>> browser window, with a new session id. When somebody logs in I check to see
>> if there is already a session variable registered. If there is, I unset this
>> variable, and register a new one for the login account. You can see where my
>> problem is. At this stage I'm using some java script "window.open()" to open
>> the new window, but it is still with the save session id.
>> If any of you can tell me how to open a new browser window with a new
>> session id, I would greatly appreciate it.
>> Thanx
>> Riaan

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