Or just make sure it is not contained within <? ?>.

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On Wednesday, June 26, 2002, at 03:37  PM, Doug Coning wrote:

> I have a php page that return rows from a database.  I then have an href
> link to the individual thread as such:
> <a href='73things_thread.php?threadID=".$row->postid."'
> target='_blank'>".
> This works, it opens a new window which has the detailed information
> needed.
> However, how would I write java code into this to force it to open the
> window at 300 by 255?  I know the java code for this is as follows:
> h=300,height=255')
> How do I merge the java code into PHP?

Make sure the function is defined somewhere above, between <script
type='text/javascript'> tags, and then you print this:

print "<a
yes,width=300,height=255')\">Click here for a new window at 300 x



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