Don't you mean Javascript?

I am not sure if I understand your question...but here goes...

Your PHP code will be executed first at the server side.  You can use PHP to
include or write out your Javascript functions in the head of your page.
>From here you can execute your javascript normally.


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> Hi everyone...
> I have a php page that return rows from a database.  I then have an href
> link to the individual thread as such:
> <a href='73things_thread.php?threadID=".$row->postid."' target='_blank'>".
> This works, it opens a new window which has the detailed information
> However, how would I write java code into this to force it to open the
> window at 300 by 255?  I know the java code for this is as follows:
> h=300,height=255')
> How do I merge the java code into PHP?
> Thanks!
> Doug Coning
> Coning Consulting
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