On Wed, Jun 26, 2002 at 05:59:00PM -0400, Dennis Moore wrote:
> I need to grab some data from a CGI program running on a different
> server.  I have been toying around executing LYNX using the passthru
> command.  I seem to be able to grab the data just fine using "lynx
> -source -preparsed $URL".   I've started reading about CURL.  I am
> wondering if it is worth my effort to recompile my server to include
> CURL support.  Any feedback is appreciated.

Why use curl (or an external program like lynx) when you can use
file()/readfile()/fopen()/fsockopen(), depending if you just need the
source from that cgi or need to mangle it a little? 

Using PHP build-ins will most likely be faster or at least nicer for
your resources.

IMHO (never used it) curl is only needed when you need to something
fancy like post/put requests.


  Daniel Tryba

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