I've used both fopen() and the CURL libraries...

> > I need to grab some data from a CGI program running on a different
> > server.  I have been toying around executing LYNX using the passthru
> > command.  I seem to be able to grab the data just fine using "lynx
> > -source -preparsed $URL".   I've started reading about CURL.  I am
> > wondering if it is worth my effort to recompile my server to include
> > CURL support.  Any feedback is appreciated.
>Why use curl (or an external program like lynx) when you can use
>file()/readfile()/fopen()/fsockopen(), depending if you just need the
>source from that cgi or need to mangle it a little?
>Using PHP build-ins will most likely be faster or at least nicer for
>your resources.
>IMHO (never used it) curl is only needed when you need to something
>fancy like post/put requests.

though i was just doing simple GETs to website, i happened to be doing a lot 
of them in nested loops (get one page, parse a bunch of URLs out of it, get 
a sub-page, find a link in it, get a file, etc...)

fopen()/fread() just started to crash after a couple of iterations.  i don't 
know if that's because i'm on win2k or what, but I enabled CURL and tried 
using it instead, and NO PROBLEMS whatsoever.  CURL turned out to be much, 
much more reliable for my use.

just so's ya know,

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