OO is slower then procedural.  You can test that out yourself or look at
this article where the guy did a very basic test.  Maybe they will fix the
speed problem by the time php5 comes around.

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I still don't get what the big fuss of OO programming is about
I do agree that it is stylistic hence helps someone else who
hasn't written your code to follow up on what you are doing...
But so far the programs I have been writing in OO supported
languages have been written and scripted on an "as is needed"
basis...  i.e.  I have the basic idea then I simply start scratching
down methods/functions I have never sat down and drawn
a single UML diagram on a project that I am about to do...

How many of us have done so?  Could some one please
point out another feasible advantage of OO programming
a part from the fact that I would make someone else's work
easier by using this style of programming...

"Jesper Brunholm" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > i want to build a site in fully OO style but that will
> > significantly slow down execution time
> Do you have any documentation on this? - I'm getting quite used to read
> and hear the very opposite.
> Previously programmers even argued that asp was faster than php because
> it was more OO.
> Regards
> Jesper Brunholm
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