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> Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2002 1:27 AM
> Subject: RE: [PHP] Keeping "Secrets" in PHP Files

> Yeah, you are assuming an environment that does
> not necessarily have to be. Why must one Apache
> server serve all users? Simply because that's
> the easiest way to do right out of the box?
> You have 2 scenarios as I see it:

> 1. Your own box -- no troubles other than the
> obvious
> 2. Virtual Server - One Apache for all users ...
> seems insecure
> 3. Virtual Server - One Apache for EACH user ...
> seems quite secure and experience confirms.

Not to be picky but you said there werwe 2 scenarios :-)

In any case, your #3 above works as long as each server runs in
its own unique group, which is shares with the customer.

> Peter


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