I am trying to compare a given date string (i.e. June 30, 2002 is
20020630).  I want to make sure that the input string that is given is not
greater than today (i.e. if today is June 30, and you ask for 20020701, I
want to be able to throw an error).

I'm a newbie, so I'm not sure the best way to do this.  My thought was
that if I take the year (YYYY) and add on the day-of-year (i.e. Feb 10 =
041) then I would be able to compare them as you would any other numbers.

The problem I have then run into is that strftime and date seem to have
different opinions as to what day of the year it is.

        z - day of the year; i.e. "0" to "365"

        %j - day of the year as a decimal number (range 001 to 366)

I have these variables defined

i.e 2002

i.e. 06

        $SEARCHDAY = DD
i.e. 30

$TODAYCMP=date ("Yz");


and then I tried it for today and got

        echo "<!-- TODAY is $TODAYCMP SEARCHCMP is $SEARCHCMP --> ";

as a result I get

<!-- TODAY is 2002180 SEARCHCMP is 2002181 -->

So I'm trying to figure out:

A) Why strftime and date don't handle leap years the same way

and (more importantly)

B) The best way to make sure a given date YYYYMMDD is not greater than

I did some googling & php.net searching without luck.


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