on 01/07/02 3:36 PM, Tom Rogers ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Ok probably the easiest is just to add <?if(!empty(SID) echo 'sid='.SID?>
> to the end of each url, if cookies are supported SID will be an empty string.

I want to avoid this, because it adds a level of complexity to the
construction of pages that I'm not comfortable with.  With multiple writers,
designers and programmers passing stuff around, it'll be way too easy to
loose the session.

I'm not really looking for "easiest", I'm looking for "the solution",
regardless of how long it take to perfect, because this will be a write-once
solution that I'll use over and over.

It's quite possible that the end solution will require a decent HTML parser
or state engine.  Fun fun :)

Justin French

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