I am learning PHP with version 4.2. (Win ME, Apache, MySQL) on a PC

I have to understand the new "register globals off" methods and it seems
like a good idea to learn that from the beginning ....but all the books and
beginners guides gives examples the old way.

Would it be true to say that every time an example is given where data is
passed on (for forms and so forth) that I can simply replace the variable in
the example with $_POST or $_GET?  Or do I have to do more?
eg if a simple PHP file for handling form input takes in the data using
$LastName can I simply use $_POST["LastName"]??  It seems to work for a very
simple example.   But should I read the array into a variable first?  And do
I need to do any validation or declaring of variables etc??  [I did have a
problem reading in a number -  the solution was to put (int) before the POST
array name though I don't understand why that was not needed with a string.

I am also unclear what happens when you send something using header()  -
does that also go into an array - if so which one and how do I use it?

This may all seem unecessarily complicated but I am not yet au fait with the
whole thing.


Adrian Greeman

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