AG> I have to understand the new "register globals off" methods and it seems
AG> like a good idea to learn that from the beginning ....but all the books and
AG> beginners guides gives examples the old way.

give it 3 more weeks and 2nd edition of PHP Fast & Easy will be
out...all register_global updated and everything. :)  but that's 3
whole weeks.

AG> eg if a simple PHP file for handling form input takes in the data using
AG> $LastName can I simply use $_POST["LastName"]??

pretty much.  If POST is the method.  Substitute $_GET if GET is the

Handling session variables is a little different than just using
session_register()  Also,  when uploading files, the $_FILE assoc array
behaves a wee bit differently.  And there's always the use of
$_SERVER[PHP_SELF] instead of just $PHP_SELF.

It's all in the manual, but if  you just start with understanding the
$_POST and $_GET superglobals in relation to your forms, you've made a
good first step.

- Julie

--> Julie Meloni

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