I took your advice first and tried "move_uploaded_file" and it kept
saying "It barfed" (hehe).  Then I switched to "copY" and got this new
Thaks for your help!!

>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 07/01/02 01:29PM >>>
Hi Phil,

     first thing u should do is to check permission of this directory
     (CHMOD). the 2nd one, u should replace function "copy" with
     "move_uploaded_file". than is should work.


01.07.2002 19:13

> Here is the error I'm receiving when attempting to upload a file....

> Warning: Unable to create 'temp/test.txt': Permission denied in
> /home/.../www/website/upload3.php on line 11

> ..could it be that my web host isn't giving me permissions to upload
> files ?

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