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> Aren't you saying that storing files on the local file system is generally
> faster than using database blobs? 
In most cases I meet (mysql, pgsql and oracle), the filesystem methods were faster on 
Linux and Solaris systems. Anywhere I did not say you do not have to store binary 
datas in DB. Sometimes it is usefull.

but :
"The primary advantage to keeping files in a MySQL database over keeping them in the 
local file system may be the ability to separate the database and Web servers onto 
dedicated hardware. The PHP code above can easily open a connection to database server 
on another machine."
And this primary adv falled down with URI ;).

> There are enough examples in the article and related threads to convince me
> that benefits to database blobs are more than exceptions to the rule.  In
> fact, there are even examples where database access is faster.
Maybe yes, maybe not, just test it yourself on your prod systems and do your best.


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