>the blob field can't be indexed but others (id, filename, keywords,
>caption etc..) can, there's lots of cases where it makes sense to put
>images in a database.

This makes no sense to me.

You would still index the filename, the keywords, the caption, make them all
searchable, but you do *NOT* shove the image data into a BLOB to do that.

The image raster pixel data and the meta-info about the image are completely

When you start using SQL to dig into the actual image data, parsing the GIF
LZW compression within it (or JPEG, or whatever) and comparing the actual
contents of the images in SQL, it makes sense to shove the images into a
BLOB for index/search reasons.

Now, network traffic and off-loading some work from your web-server to your
db-server *MIGHT* *MIGHT* *MIGHT* make sense, but I sure doubt it for *most*

If you've got an actual two-tier solution with real-world performance
testing where it makes sense, post the numbers and any other rules of thumb
for when you really, really do want GIF BLOBs, by all means.

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