> (Chris Shiflett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>):
> John Wulff wrote:
> I have never heard of someone wanting to do this, but you might want to 
> look into methods of executing shell commands in the background, which 
> seems like it should be possible. Basically, you're wanting to execute 
> something that immediately returns control back to your PHP script. The 
> PHP script *must* complete before it will be "finished" from the Web 
> server's perspective. Thus, you'll have to at least split up the logic 
> you want to do later into a separate script and just figure out how to 
> get that running just before your script terminates. If it's written in 
> PHP, don't forget about the CLI; it might come in handy for you in this 
> case.
> Let us know what you come up with.

Yeah, I could do that but I don't really want to spawn a whole process
and copy over all the data that's there already.  In a Java servlet
this is a piece of cake--you just spin off a thread to do the work and
return from the request thread.  Here I'd want to do something like a
fork(), then exit the parent and do some processing in the child.

The PHP manual says that the pcntl() functions (which include forking)
are not available from with a web server context, so I guess Apache
doesn't like its modules forking off demons.

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