>I do save images with 1 K and 4 KB to blob fields while I used to save them
>to file. It seams to me that this is much slower accessing the files. The
>images take a bit (really short but absolutly noticable) to show up on the
>site. Is there a way to improve the performance, and why is this happening?

Each image request is a separate HTTP connection.

This is true REGARDLESS of whether they are stored in file system or in

The file system will almost certainly be *WAY* faster than MySQL.
(I'm sure somebody can come up with a two-tier system with burning fast
MySQL and dog-slow hard-drive on the HTTP server, but... let's be real

If the images are "too slow" you need to look at your BANDWIDTH, the HTTP
server speed, and the hard drive speed, and the caching system of the OS.

Moving the images into MySQL is unlikely to really solve any of these.

You could run a quick test, though, in about 15 minutes of work, with a
single image, just to be sure.

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