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"andy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I am wondering if anybody has experiance in saving images to blob in mysql.
> I do save images with 1 K and 4 KB to blob fields while I used to save them
> to file. It seams to me that this is much slower accessing the files. The
> images take a bit (really short but absolutly noticable) to show up on the
> site. Is there a way to improve the performance, and why is this happening?
> I thought the performance might even boost after storing them to blobs.

Not really, the OS filesystem contains features that makes it always faster than a sql 
query, that will increase your network traffic too.

Inserting images or whatever binary data in a database does not have much sense, you 
could not do a query with this field, cannot be indexed (dunno if exists a DB that 
implement a image indexer ;) ). Storing relative pathes gave me always more 
portabilities between DBM.

In some case, you have to insert images (or every others binary data) in DB (due to 
global permissions system only avaible for the DB and not for the filesystem, for 
example), but as far is possible, I avoid to do it so.



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