> My ODBC connection is failing it seems...I can run this code just 
>fine...odbc_connect and odbc_pconnect seem to work...the odbc_prepare 
>even works just fine...but as soon as I execute (with odbc_execute, 
>odbc_exec, or odbc_do it fails...any ideas?
>$db = odbc_pconnect("Desire","sa", "xxxxxxxx");
>echo "Database Connection:".$db."<br>";
>$sql = odbc_prepare($db, "execute spGetItems");
>echo "Prepared SQL id:".$sql."<br>";
>// This line will fail
>$rs = odbc_execute($sql);

Is there an odbc_error() function that will maybe clue you in to what's

$rs = odbc_execute($sql) or error_log(odbc_error());

I dunno what the function name is, but I'll get a dollar it's listed here:


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