>Hi all,
>Just wondering if anyone came across this "problem" before:
>When I print a document directly from my browser, it comes out with the
>title on
>the top right , page number of the top left, address on the bottom left and
>date on the bottom right, Page Headers and Footers
>Using IE I can set the page headers and footers under the page setup option.
>Header: &w&bPage &p of &P
>Footer: &u&b&d
>I need some way of disabling / changing this as my clients print reports
>that need a proper printout. I need to change it using css / vbscript /
>JavaScript ???
>Anyone ever worked with this function? I know its not PHP related but im
>sure someone came across the problem.

The only way to reliably generate printable data cross-platform that I am
aware of is PDF...

Fortunately, PHP *can* generate PDF files...

Whether you want to make it possible to convert the content in question to
PDF or not, I dunno...

Is it for every page of your site or specific documents or ???

For sure, you *CANNOT* take over *my* computer and change *MY* settings for
what *I* want on my Header:/Footer: of Web documents.  That simply ain't
gonna happen.

But if you just need a couple reports printable, it is not too terribly
tricky to generate PDF files for them.  Hell, I figured it out, so it can't
be *too* tricky. :-)

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