>1.  I know that you initially begin the session with the session_start() 
>function.  Is this function required on all pages in order for the session 
>variables to remain globalized?

Yes -- on all pages that intend to use sessions.

If you have a page "in between" that has no use for session data, you can
(probably) not do session_start() unless you need the variable/functions to
pass the Session ID around as part of the URL if you don't like/trust the
Cookies to maintain user identification.

Not 100% sure about it if you are using URLs to pass session ID...  I mostly
figure anybody too paranoid to use Cookies is a lost cause anyway :-) :-)

>2.  If you have a "process login" page, which the user is sent to after 
>submitting the login information, is this page ideal to hold the 
>session_register() functions to define global variables and their values?


It may be more natural to just session_register() variables as you go, but
if there are some high-level global variables, yeah, that's a good place to
put them.

>3.  Would this piece of code be good to hold the preferences of a user that 
>has just logged in?

Yes, but...  :-)

>$link = mysql_connect("localhost", "user", "pass")
> or die("Could not connect to database.");
>$db = mysql_db_select("users", $link)
> or die("Could not select database.");
>$query = "SELECT user, pass FROM users WHERE user='$user' AND pass='$pass' 
>LIMIT 1";
>$result = mysql_query($query, $link)
> or die("Query was not successful.  " . mysql_error());

Don't ever spew mysql_error() to the web browser.  Reveals too much to

Something like:

$result = mysql_query($query, $line) or error_log(mysql_error());
if (!$result){
  die("Query was not successful");

And, really, $result is about a generic a variable name as $i

How about using $user_info or even $user_info_result?

Yes, I know every example and every PHP book on the planet uses $result. 
That doesn't make it right :-)

>if(mysql_num_rows($result) < 1) {
> "User not found.  Please try again.";

You need to echo that or something more than just have it sitting there...

Probably okay syntax-wise, but not what you intended. :-)

>} else {
> $query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE user='$user' AND pass='$pass' LIMIT 1";

SELECT * is bad.

Figure out which columns you need, and ask for them by name.

> $result = mysql($query, $link)
>  or die("Query was not successful.  " . mysql_error());
> while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
>  $name = $row['name'];
>  $colorpref = $row['colorpref'];
>  $fontpref = $row['fontpref'];
>  $sizepref = $row['sizepref'];
> }
> session_register("UserName"); $UserName = $name;
> session_register("Color"); $Color = $colorpref;
> session_register("Font"); $Font = $fontpref;
> session_register("Size"); $Size = $sizepref;

If it's my first time here, and I haven't selected any color/font/size
preferences, your code may or may not "break"...  It's hard to say without
knowing how/when/what you initialize by default in the SQL, but watch out
for it.

In particular, if you are not going to die() on the "num_rows(...) < 1"

>I know it's a lengthy example, but I wrote it, and want to know whether or 
>not that would work to load user preferences into the variables UserName, 
>Color, Font and Size?

I personally would do the session_register() before the while() loop, and
then just one (1) assignment for each setting.  Why assign to $name, and
then $UserName when you can just use $UserName?

Actually, I'd have the session_register() stuff 'way at the top of the page,
so I know what's "global" on this whole page.  Feels "cleaner" to me.  This
is a religious issue. :-)

Also -- Since you are only getting one row, why the while() loop?

Would it not make it more clear that your code expects one, and only one,
row if you used no while() loop and did:

list($UserName, $Color, $Font, $Size) = mysql_fetch_row($result, 0);

Or use the mysql_fetch_array() and four assignments if you like that better,
but get rid of the loop that will never, ever, really be a loop.

And in the end, there can be only one.

If you are enforcing unique usernames in the SQL and in other parts of your
application, shouldn't your PHP code reflect that business logic, and be
distinct from a while loop that could potentially spew out 100 records?  I
think it should.  But maybe I'm just being too preachy :-)

>That about does it for this installment of PHP Session Questions.  Please 
>reply directly since I'm on the digest!

Note that some of these comments are strictly on "style" and are arguable. 
I've tried to note them as such or frame them as possibilities when that was
the case.

I suspect other posters will comment on my comments and explain how "wrong"
I am on those parts. :-)

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