On Tuesday, July 2, 2002, at 03:04  AM, Richard Lynch wrote:

> And, really, $result is about a generic a variable name as $i
> How about using $user_info or even $user_info_result?
> Yes, I know every example and every PHP book on the planet uses $result.
> That doesn't make it right :-)

I hear you -- I used to use longer names for my SQL queries -- like 
$user_update_sql or $filerequest_result.

But once I had moved most of my code into object methods and functions 
(and therefore out of the global namespace/scope/whatever), I realized 
this really didn't matter as much.  In fact, for consistency and 
neatness, it was better that I use only $sql or $result, since there was 
only ever one query in the method or function definition, and this 
terseness was less cluttering to my code.

I completely agree if you're putting database calls into the body of a 
script, but if you can wrap everything into smaller scopes, it's not 
such a big deal.  IMHO.  This applies to a lot of variable names, in 
fact.  But I agree, in the main body of the script (global scope) it is 
best to be descriptive.



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