>Does anyone have problem with libmcrypt with PHP?  With older version of PHP
>and libmcrypt, it work just fine and when I use the newer version, PHP 4.2.1
>and libmcrypt 2.5.2.  It does not work.  I check with php_info() and it
>showed the mcrypt on it and it is supported.  Does it require a different
>configuration or what?  What just happen here?

Is the mcrypt in ../../lib really 2.5.2 ?

Does phpinfo() show version 2.5.2 ?

I'm wondering if you've got multiple mcrypt installs, and, like, somehow the
headers of one are getting compiled in, while the other one is the one that
gets used...

Just how many unique (not symlinks) libmcrypt.so files turn up when you do:

locate libmcrypt

>I use the ./configure option
>2nd thing, what would happen when I leave out the "--with-config-file-path"
>option?  Not sure what this is use for.

Then php.ini would go in /usr/local/lib where it belongs instead of in /etc
where you think it belongs, but doesn't :-) :-) :-)

At least, I'm pretty sure that's what --config-file-path does -- Tells PHP
where php.ini is living this week. :-)

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