>Never mind!  It took me all day to find out what the problem is.  It turned
>out that PHP use $SSL_PROTOCOL, $SSL_CIPHER_USEKEYSIZE, etc.  It is
>displayed automatically when the register_global is turned on.  With some
>research, found out that it is part of Mod_SSL where PHP use it from.  Yet,
>I still struggle and I tried specifying the environment variables like file
>put_env(), etc.  So, far they never work. Until I got to the documentation
>at http://www.php.net/release_4_1_0.php and I got the clue from it saying
>that "REMOTE_ADDR" is part of "$_SERVER".  I never knew that.  So, I began
>to understand that any environment variables like "REMOTE_ADDR" or
>"SSL_PROTOCOL", etc is part of "$_SERVER".  I'm going to need better
>documentation on what variables are include in things like "$_GET",
>"$_COOKIE", "$_ENV", "$_SERVER", etc.  So, I can use whatever the variables
>I never heard of and put it to good use on the website.  Anyone know?

<?php  phpinfo();?>

This will tell you everything, no matter what your server and/or environment
do that's screwy...

Nobody can tell you in advance, since PHP simply sucks in what's there.

If your Server don't set 'FOO', then $_SERVER['FOO'] ain't set.  If your
server does, it is.

If you are writing code to be distributed to the public for a zillion
different servers, don't assume that $_SERVER['SSL_PROTOCOL'] or whatever is
going to be there, and not somewhere else, or, err, whatever...  Assume
nothing.  Always safer. :-)

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