I am slowly coming up with a solution to my cURL problem and have narrowed
down the possibilities. One of these being that the cURL command written out
with variables and such breaks into more than one line. This is not allowed
in cURL. So, I had decided to write out a file as follows; ($curline is all
on one line in the code.)

$curllist = fopen("curllist.txt", "w+");
$curlline = ("curl -d
\"name=myname&password=mypassword&btnsubmit=submit\" -s -o $listline
fputs($curllist, $curlline);

Then I would pull out a line to execute for the download of the file. Well,
when I vi curllist.txt the $curlline's are still broken after $listine
variable is replaced and before the https:

Is there a way to force all of this to be on the same line? I have placed
newline characters at the end of the line I actually want, I have broken and
reassembled the line in many different ways. I am going to go nuts on this I
am sure.



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