On Tuesday 02 July 2002 23:13, Jay Blanchard wrote:
> I am slowly coming up with a solution to my cURL problem and have narrowed
> down the possibilities. One of these being that the cURL command written
> out with variables and such breaks into more than one line. This is not
> allowed in cURL. So, I had decided to write out a file as follows;
> ($curline is all on one line in the code.)
> <?php
> $curllist = fopen("curllist.txt", "w+");
> $curlline = ("curl -d
> \"name=myname&password=mypassword&btnsubmit=submit\" -s -o $listline
> https://rc.qwest.com/servlet/rmcDownload/$listline?area\=cdr\&file=$listlin
>e ");
> fputs($curllist, $curlline);
> fclose($curllist);
> ?>
> Then I would pull out a line to execute for the download of the file. Well,
> when I vi curllist.txt the $curlline's are still broken after $listine
> variable is replaced and before the https:
> Is there a way to force all of this to be on the same line? I have placed
> newline characters at the end of the line I actually want, I have broken
> and reassembled the line in many different ways. I am going to go nuts on
> this I am sure.

Where are you getting $listline from? My guess is that $listline has a newline 
character at the end. Confirm using strlen($listline).

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