Well I have a system that people can login to, and I want to produce an array (or 
something of the sort)
that holds who is logged in so that I can monitor it. The problem is that sessions are 
local to the clients machine
so if I tried to put this information in the session then the only information that I 
would get back is the people that
logged in on my machine, not the server (Please tell me if I wrong in what I say 
here). Therefore I need to be able to
but this
information in the session and have it available to all sessions (sort of like the way 
static variables in Java belong
to the class and 
not the individual objects that are created from that class). So if you undersatnd 
what I'm trying to do here and know
of a way
to do it I would love to here it.

On Tue, 02 Jul 2002 18:45:40 -0500
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Richard Lynch) wrote:

> >Does anyone know anyway to synchronize calls to php functions.
> >I was thinking of writting a hack that uses a lock file on the server put 
> >if there is a proper way to do it then I would
> >rather use that.
> >Any suggestions would be good.
> Shared memory may be faster than lock files...
> *WHY* you think you need synched PHP functions might be an interesting
> discussion, though if it's just for fun, have at it.
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