On Wednesday, July 3, 2002, at 04:08  AM, Philip MacIver wrote:

> The problem is that sessions are local to the clients machine


> so if I tried to put this information in the session then the only 
> information that I would get back is the people that
> are
> logged in on my machine, not the server (Please tell me if I wrong in 
> what I say here). Therefore I need to be able to
> but this
> information in the session and have it available to all sessions (sort 
> of like the way static variables in Java belong
> to the class and
> not the individual objects that are created from that class). So if you 
> undersatnd what I'm trying to do here and know
> of a way
> to do it I would love to here it.

This has been discussed on the list before, and even I think just last 
week (so check the archives, using "server variables asp" as your search 
criteria).  Some theories suggest that it would entail a lot of 
overhead, unless you only have a few users to keep track of 
simultaneously.  Possible suggestions are

1) if the data doesn't change, put it into an includefile
2) if the data is dynamic, be clever and implement this yourself with 
database-managed persistence (but beware the overhead).



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