Submitted or filled in? i.e. do you want textbox1 to contain whatever is 
in textbox2 or do you want the form in file2.php to be submitted to 
file1.php? The difference is that in the first case no PHP gets to run 
when button2 is pressed, whereas in the second case file1.php gets to 
run with the data in the form in file2.php.


adi wrote:

>I want to make an app with properties:
>-i have a file1.php with a textbox1 and button1; when i press button1, file2.php is 
>- in file2.php i have textbox2 and button2; when button2 is pressed, file2 is closed, 
>and value of textbox2 is submited to texbox1.
>There is somewere an sample app like this?
>tx in adv for any help

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