while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result_set)) {
   $field1 = $row['field1'];
   $field2 = $row['field2'];

   echo "<tr><td width=\"50%\">\n";
   echo "$field1\n";
   echo "</td><td width=\"50%\">\n";
   echo "$field2\n";
   echo "</td></tr>\n";

This will cycle through the rows, adding the values of field1 and field2 to the 
respective variables, then outputting table rows accordingly.



>>> "Duncan Ellwood" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/03/02 10:43AM >>>
I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but I'm just starting out
with php and MySQL....

I have succesfully got a database up and I have managed to populate the
first row of the html table with the first  row of  dynamic content without
much problem. I have used the visual enviroment of DW Mx for this and it was
staightforward enough

My problem arises when I want to fill in the subsequent rows of the table
with the subesquent rows from the database. How do I create the recordset
that will pull the info from the relevant subsequent rows for my columns?

The code for the first row and first column entry is:

<?php echo $row_RsSingStanDailybb['DailyBB']; ?>

but in the row below in the html table I want to refer to the second row DB
entry for DailyBB but I cant see how to go about this:( The Repeat server
behaviour in DW Mx simply puts all the values in one html cell which is not
what I wish to achieve. Basically I want the html table to match the
database but have only succeeded in getting the first row to display so

I'm sure this is simple but its my first time at all this and any help would
be appreciated:)


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