Ah!  I know what you're feeling about Linux.  I had that problem using PHP
and text editing software (for programming) with Caldera, like ftp timeout,
security, file path, etc.  It become too much for me, so I junked it and
went back to AIX.  I haven't tried it on Red Hat but I can easily turned off
hte ftp timeout, etc. from there.  Haven't tried PHP stuffs on Red Hat.

"Jay Blanchard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> OK, here is where I am (between handling other pre-holiday/long weekend
> processese here);
> I have the PHP script create a shell script containing the needed code for
> the cURL process. Of course the shell script will execute from the command
> line with me as 'root'. But the exec() that calls the shell script will
> execute the script because of improper permissions. (Has to do with the
> permissions on the topmost directory for where the file lives, changing
> could be dangerous from a security standpoint).
> So I have tried to change those (I am on a Linux box) via the PHP, no
> It will let me chmod the shell script via the PHP script. So I tried to
> the script to /usr/local/bin;
> rename("getlist.sh", "/usr/local/bin/getlist.sh"); Permission denied
> exec("mv getlist.sh /usr/local/bin/getlist.sh"); Permissiion denied
> exec("cp getlist.sh /usr/local/bin/getlist.sh"); Permissiion denied
> I am looking into posix_setuid() to change the permissions for the time
> needed, but I've a feeling, after a couple of tests, that this is not
> to be the way to do this either.
> I wish permissions in Linux were more straigtforward. Anyone have an idea
> how to do this with opening the server wide? Thanks for all your help.
> Jay

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