Ha ha!  Just what I mentioned from above.  FULL PATH!!!!!  :-)  FletchSOD

"Jay Blanchard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> It's always the smallest things that will get you, I should be slapped
> (preferably by a good looking woman) :) ....
> exec was not broken
> the permissions don't have to be mucked with
> ownership and group can be left alone
> this should be stamped on the forehead of each and every PHP developer
> $bash = "#!/bin/sh";
> $curl = "/usr/local/bin/curl -d
> \"name=myname&password=mypassword&btnsubmit=submit\" -s -o cdrlist.html
> https://theserver.com/download/list.html";;
> $sh = fopen("/var/www/htdocs/rcr/getlist.sh", "w+");
>    fputs($sh, $bash."\n\n");
>    fputs($sh, $curl);
> fclose($sh);
> chmod("/var/www/htdocs/rcr/getlist.sh", 0755);
> exec("/var/www/htdocs/rcr/getlist.sh");
> This solved all of the problems. I did the full paths thing during the
> process of elimination, to remove all doubt about the code. This will make
> sure that the script can be found and executed.
> On another note;
> Had I done this with exec and the cURL statement earlier it would have
> worked as well. But I think that i am going to keep it this way as it will
> hopefully make the code clearer. I will have to write more cURL statements
> later in the script and I can then assemble shell scripts as needed.
> Thanks for all of your help...
> Jay

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