Hi people,

I want to move a file from one location to another. I expect I can only do 
this with 'rename', because there's no 'move'-command (at least nog in the 
manual). Following situation:

original file: /var/www/html/webfotos/tmp/thumb_phpibmGBF.jpg
with /var/www/html/webfotos being a symlink to /home/cvd/sanbox/webfotos
new location: /var/www/html/foto/0/0/0/0/0000.thumb.jpg

syntax: rename($old_location, $new_location);

Error: Warning: Rename failed (Invalid cross-device link) in 
/home/cvd/sandbox/webfotos/admin/save.php on line 95

When I 'su' to 'apache' (the user under which the httpd is running), I can 
do the following without any error:

mv /var/www/html/webfotos/tmp/thumb_phpibmGBF.jpg 

Any ideas on why I get the error and how I can solve it? Tia!

Kind regards,

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