I'm gleaning microsoft SQL from queries within a MS Access database, for insertion 
into my PHP pages. This has been working fine but the example below just refuses to 

SELECT ExamPapers.EPaperID, ExamPapers.EPapersText, ExamPapers.[Title of Paper], 
ExamPapers.Course, ExamPapers.School, ExamPapers.Year, ExamPapers.[Jan/Summer], 
ExamPapers.[Module Code], ExamPapers.Stage, ExamPapers.[Storage Location], 
ExamPapers.[Add to Webpage]
FROM ExamPapers
WHERE (((ExamPapers.School)="Colour and Imaging Institute") AND ((ExamPapers.[Add to 

I want to pull records from 1 table (ExamPapers). 
The WHERE line is causing problems i.e if I remove it, my php pages actually show. Can 
anyone see what I'm doing wrong?


Daniel Owen-McGee

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