Hi All,

My query (below) has been solved. Thanks to all who responded so quickly!

Putting single quote marks around 'Colour and Imaging Institute' did the trick.



I'm gleaning microsoft SQL from queries within a MS Access database, for insertion 
into my PHP pages. This has been working fine but the example below just refuses to 

SELECT ExamPapers.EPaperID, ExamPapers.EPapersText, ExamPapers.[Title of Paper], 
ExamPapers.Course, ExamPapers.School, ExamPapers.Year, ExamPapers.[Jan/Summer], 
ExamPapers.[Module Code], ExamPapers.Stage, ExamPapers.[Storage Location], 
ExamPapers.[Add to Webpage]
FROM ExamPapers
WHERE (((ExamPapers.School)="Colour and Imaging Institute") AND ((ExamPapers.[Add to 

I want to pull records from 1 table (ExamPapers). 
The WHERE line is causing problems i.e if I remove it, my php pages actually show. Can 
anyone see what I'm doing wrong?


Daniel Owen-McGee

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