Hallo Folks

I have come across this problem many times...  But still haven't
seen anyone give a reasonably coherent solution...  I am trying
to get my script to read Paradox Tables...  Its a no go so far...
I do believe that this can be achieved via. odbc...  I have tried
the configurations but have fallen short each time...  I keep getting
the following Error:

  Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Paradox
    Driver] The Microsoft Jet database engine could
    not find the object 'Test.db'. Make sure the object
    exists and that you spell its name and the path
    name correctly.,

There has to be someone in this Forum who has successfully worked
with Paradox Tables in conjunction with php...  Do I have to
download another version of ODBC...  My Scripts have no
issues reading MSAccess tables the problem is when it gets
to Paradox...

Please Help...


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