Thanks very much for your response, Chris--it sounds like that's exactly
what I need to do.

I'm sorry to trouble you further, but if you have a second, can you give me
some advice on how to store results in a temporary table with the columns
indexed?  I'm very new to PHP, and I'm not sure how to go about it.

Thanks in advance.



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> Matthew,
> Its a new query unless you want to sort using php routines. For a small
> amount of data this is fine but for large amounts there is a performance
> hit. Your choice as to the balance with the amount of data you have.
> Where I have a lot of data, extracted from a very large amount of data,
> I store my results in a new, temporary, table that has each field
> indexed. I make the column headings on my html page into links that
> extract the data from the temporary table, ordered by that column. As
> its multi-user, I have a field in the temporary table with the username
> so that each user gets their own data (its first part of the indices too).
> Hope this helps
> Chris
> Matthew K. Gold wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >How can I set things up so that a user can resort the results of a query?
> >
> >Also, how can I make certain columns into links?  I'm making a site that
> >will list college courses.  When users decide to browse listings by
> >discipline, or college, I'd like the titles of the courses to be links to
> >fuller descriptions of those courses.  But I'm
> >not sure how to do that.
> >
> >thanks in advance for your help.
> >
> >best,
> >
> >Matt
> >
> >
> >

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