Apologies to others that this is now quite OT, let's make this the last 
of this thread. If I may suggest that this is now about pure sql 
techniques and nothing to do with php.

What I did was to create a table (not temporary as it happens) with 
fields containing all the fields that you want to display e.g.:
CREATE TABLE searchdata (
    username varchar(30),
    course varchar2(80),
    discipline varchar2(40),
    college varchar2(60));
CREATE INDEX course ON searchdata (username, course);
CREATE INDEX discipline ON searchdata (username, discipline);
CREATE INDEX college ON searchdata (username, college);
The username field is either the name the user is logged in as or some 
unique identifier you give to that user.

When you get the main sql statement, copy all the fields into 
searchdata. When you display the fields on your form, make each of the 
headings of the table you display the data in a url to this same form 
but with an "orderby" parameter. So e.g. the "course" column title is a 
url ending in "orderby=course". Now when the form is called with the 
orderby parameter, instead of getting the data from the main table, get 
it from searchdata with an sql statement which includes the relevant 
"order by" clause. You need to arrange for the data to be deleted when 
it is finished with, I leave that to you, each case will differ.

I do not claim that this is the best way, but it is the way I used.

Hope it helps.


Matthew K. Gold wrote:

>I'm sorry to trouble you further, but if you have a second, can you give me
>some advice on how to store results in a temporary table with the columns
>indexed?  I'm very new to PHP, and I'm not sure how to go about it.

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