>Hi, I installed php and mysql today and I'm trying to use phpMyAdmin but
>I'm receiving the error message:
>cannot load MySQL extension,
>please check PHP Configuration.
>I checked the php.ini and couldn't find anything related, my configure
>command says '--with-mysql=shared,/usr' and I have no idea why it's not
>I'm using redhat 7.3, Apache 1.3.23, php 4.1.2 and MySQL 3.23.51

Does <?php phpinfo();?> display information (other than ./configure) about

It's possible that you never really got MySQL compiled into PHP, even though
you asked for it...

The ./configure script has a nasty habit of continuing to process and giving
you a working PHP, but without quite all the things you asked for,

If all else fails, just try it without the "shared," part.

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