>I'm wondering if this can be done, and if so, what's the proper way to do

It can be done, and the proper way to do it is to use an array :-)

But, if you are hell-bent on using "variable variables" you should really
read the PHP documentation about them:


However, you'll save yourself a *LOT* of headaches to just use arrays. 

>For the current issue I'm trying to unset some variables with common names
>and I would like to step through them with a loop. Here's where I'm at to
>give you an idea but the code doesn't work.
>for ($i = 2; $i <= 4; $i++) {
>    unset($level$iName);
>    unset($level$iUrl);
>so the code unsets 
>I guess I could create a variable before the unset like so
>$unsetA = "level" . $i . "Name";
>but that seems cloogey.

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