Hello César, PHP,
    As for your question the answer is yes. At this point of time I'm
    working on it also. The main idea is set of a few scripts. One for
    dumping Database with data to a file, second one is creating a tar
    archive, and third one using fopen to put on FTP server some
    where:) It works. but I'm to lazy to complete it. :)

Friday, July 5, 2002, 12:51:17 PM, you wrote:

CA> Hi all.
CA> I was reading the post by Pag called “MySQL backups” and I have the same
CA> question, but not the shell access. It came to my mind, that if will be
CA> very useful for me, and probably for many of us newbie’s, to be able to
CA> build an automated PHP system that could make backups by itself at a
CA> specified time… let’s say maybe every morning at 6 am, by transferring
CA> or uploading the MySQL files to another server. I noticed that this
CA> could be done in PHPNuke, by clicking at “Backup Files”. ¿Is it possible
CA> to build this kind of unattended scripts with PHP or will it always
CA> require a magical “click” from the administrator?
CA> I guess that it shouldn’t be possible, but it’s worth a shot.
CA> Thanks in advance,
CA> Cesar Aracena <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
CA> Neuquen, Argentina
CA> +54.299.6356688
CA> +54.299.4466621

Best regards,
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