Miguel Cruz schrieb in Nachricht ...
>On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Uwe Birkenhain wrote:
>> A question - since english is not my first language - what do you mean
>> >It's not all that common to bury constants in strings
>> Is something bad about it?
>I think so. It would slow parsing down to a crawl and create a host of
>ambiguities if every letter that ever appeared in a string had to be
>compared against the list of defined constants (after all, you might have
>a constant called 'a'). With normal variables, it only has to worry about
>it when there's a $ before it or {} around it, which is much simpler.

you are right about that!

But since you have to take the constant out of the string (with {} or ". .")
it shouldn't be a problem to use constants.


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