>I saw that Microsoft has a Certificate Authority server package that allows
>you to create your own key.  Is there a way to do this in linux?  In this
>particular instance, it's me accessing my own web site.  I'd like to encrypt
>the session and I'm don't need someone to confirm anything.

You can create your own SSL key pair very, very, very easily...

But unless you paid the $200 to get it from a CA, surfers will see a nasty
(and totally inaccurate/misleading) warning about how insecure it is.

The transmission is no less secure -- It's that the web-server on the other
end was too cheap to pay the $200 for a CA key.

Yes, the basic model for the security of all eCommerce is:

"You pay some large corporation $200, and they trust you."

What kinda trust is worth $200, I don't know. :-^

Alas, the *BROWSER* makes it sound like the whole thing is very shady, when,
in reality, if you trust the web-site (certainly more than I trust
Microsoft!) then it's just as secure.

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