Richard Lynch wrote:

>In the HTTPS exchange, however, extra key-pairs are generated on the fly,
>and the private half of the new pair are exchanged, encrypted with the
>public halfs of the old pairs, so that the server and the browser are using
>a UNIQUE public/private pair so that nobody can snoop on them...
>Or, at least, it works something like that...  I'm telling you, you really
>don't need to understand this stuff if it gives you a headache as bad as it
>gives me :-)

If you want a basic understanding of PKI, how it works, what problems it 
solves, etc., I highly recommend a single chapter in a single book that 
will give you enough of a foundation to "get it" (esr style).

_PKI:_Implementing_and_Managing_E-Security_ from RSA Press, Chapter 2 
(50 pages - very clear and not too technical).

Happy hacking.


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