>Question I have is....
>I want to run a print job of 200+ invoices
>I have a javascript code to open a print dialog box and 
>Then go to next invoice and do the loop..
>Problem I am having is that I want it to pause if the ok button on the
>Box is not pressed..
>When I run the script it fly's throught and brings up a heap of printer
>Dialog boxes which causes me to ctrl+alt+del...
>Anyway or pausing the script untill ok is pressed?

I doubt it...  And you're real unlikely to find the answer on a PHP mailing
list, as noted.

Some things you might consider.

Use PHP to concatenate all the invoices with a "new page" character
(control-L, I think) between them.  That's probably only gonna work on an
old dot-matrix printer, though...

Use PHP to shove all the invoices into a single PDF http://php.net/pdf

Use PHP to shove all the invoices into some kind of word-processing program
format with page breaks between them.  I imagine that if they are simple
enough, you could even do a sample MS Word and reverse-engineer the format
of the document enough to get it right.

Use PHP to spew out the invoices in tab-delimited format, one per row, and
download that, and then use Word's "template" or "mail-merge" or whatever
they called it to print them up.

Oh, I suppose you could use JavaScript with some kind of timer loop so I can
click on the "Ok" button as fast as you pop up the stupid windows, but do
you really expect me to click 200+ times for your stupid print button to

Isn't it weird how all my good answers started with "Use PHP?" :-) :-) :-)

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