I wasn't in the office hence haven't visited this group for a while...
Here's an idea though I still may not understand the whole situation
but from what I think it is here goes:

I guess you will have to mix javascript and php in the following
manner...  use onclick for a particular HTML variable and
create a function in Java Script that runs when you click this
and returns true or writes to an HTML variable say
input type= hidden name=hasClicked value=false...
the HTML value will give this hidden variable the value true when
clicked otherwise it will be defaulted at false... You can use
document.write.formName.hasClicked.value = true...

Then continue with:

if($hasClicked == "true")
Run the Script...  This will mean your script won't run
until OK is pressed...

I hope this helps and I hope its not too late...


"Chris Kay" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message

Question I have is....

I want to run a print job of 200+ invoices

I have a javascript code to open a print dialog box and
Then go to next invoice and do the loop..

Problem I am having is that I want it to pause if the ok button on the
Box is not pressed..

When I run the script it fly's throught and brings up a heap of printer
Dialog boxes which causes me to ctrl+alt+del...

Anyway or pausing the script untill ok is pressed?

Thanks in advance..

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