>Hello all,
>I have been trying to modify the working of one of my pages which prints a 
>png graph.  What I had was an included file named "graphit.php" which 
>creates a png file.  I used the function
>imagepng($image,'temp.png') to create an image and then used <img 
>src=temp.png> to have the image printed on the page.  This worked well 
>enough when only one user (me) was using the page, but I want more.  In 
>reading the imagepng() info in the manual, it states that I can output the 
>raw image stream to the browser by leaving off the file name option.  I've 
>done this, but get nada!  How should this be done?
>One of the notes (and it's in German) implies that I can call "graphit.php" 
>using something like
><img src=graphit.php> to get the image output.  Unfortunately, I get 
>nothing except the red X indicating a missing image.
>Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


1. Change graphit.php to have the header("Content-type: image/png") line at
the *END* of the script, right before you do imagepng($image)

2. Surf directly to graphit.php, and not the page with <IMG SRC=graphit.php>
in it.

At this point, you'll probably find some PHP error messages from graphit.php
-- They don't look anything like a PNG image, so the browser can't display
them :-)

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