>i work on Win98, apache 1.3.24/PHP4.2.1.
>I include a PHP file (867 lines) witch contains functions :
>This previous code is inserted in the upper frame and the left frame.
>But sometimes, i've got errors like :
>Parse error: parse error, unexpected '.' in d:\www\include\fonctions.php on
>line 431
>Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE in
>d:\www\include\fonctions.php on line 275
>Error line can be 206,325,186...
>I refresh the page (F5) and all is right.
>It is sure that this included script contains no errors.

If you refresh the whole page, you probably aren't getting the same

If you are using IE, I *think* you can right-click in the "white space" (no
images or text) of a frame and reload just that frame, and get (usually) the
same content again.

One thing for sure.  There *ARE* errors in your PHP code.

Probably missing quotes (") or apostrophes (') or { or } somewhere.

PHP only finds them in the cases where it actually executes that line of
code, so you only see them when your code hits that line in the process of
your application.

You should be able to visit the individual frame contents of your site using
the right-click and "Open Frame in New Window" and you *might* be able to
work from there to dig into the problem with F5 reload.

Oh, and get rid of the frames if at all possible.  They are a pain, and
rarely are needed.

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