>I was reading the post by Pag called “MySQL backups” and I have the same
>question, but not the shell access. It came to my mind, that if will be
>very useful for me, and probably for many of us newbie’s, to be able to
>build an automated PHP system that could make backups by itself at a
>specified time… let’s say maybe every morning at 6 am, by transferring
>or uploading the MySQL files to another server. I noticed that this
>could be done in PHPNuke, by clicking at “Backup Files”. ¿Is it possible
>to build this kind of unattended scripts with PHP or will it always
>require a magical “click” from the administrator?
>I guess that it shouldn’t be possible, but it’s worth a shot.

It *MIGHT* be possible for you to do:

  exec("/full/path/to/mysqldump -u USERNAME --password=PASSWORD DBNAME",
$output, $error);
  echo implode('', $output);
  if ($error){
    echo "OS Error: $error.  Check 'man errno', but it's almost always

If not, and if you have shell access on *another* machine, you could use
that machine to POST to the other machine a request to push the button.
Totally sucky way to do it, but you could.

It might be easier to just ask your ISP to create a cron job for you that
dumps the database to a file you can FTP regularly.  It would take them
about 5 minutes to do this.

If all else fails:  Just find another ISP that allows SSH access and switch
hosts :-)

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