>i`ve coded a mass-mailer for my site but the $from header doesn't work.

It works for about a million others.  Show us source code.

>when i get a test message back from it it says from "Unprivileged user" =
>not what i set it to.

That sounds more like email bouncing...

But it could be your sendmail/qmail/exim/fredmail telling you that the User
(see httpd.conf) that PHP runs as (see <?php phpinfo();?>) doesn't have
permission to "forge" email from some other address.

In which case your PHP syntax is fine, but your mail-sending MTA thingie is
not configured correctly.

>How would i set it out using the syntax:
>$to #
>$from #
>$subject #
>$message #
#>mail($to, $from, $subject, $message)

$success = mail($to, $subject, $message, "From: $from\r\nReply-to:
if (!$success){
  print("Failed to send email to $to with subject $subject<BR>\n");

>Also, i was wondering how i could use my own PHP.INI config file on a =
>remote webserver which hosts my site.

Not usually, but most of the settings you have any right to change are
changeable in .htaccess

>And can i set .php to something else, like .he for example?

For example, create a file in your web directory, right next to your HTML
files, and name it ".htaccess"  (Yes, the "." is part of the name.)

Put this in it:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .he

Assuming your ISP used the *standard* mime-type (application/x-httpd-php)
all your .he files are now being handled by the PHP Module.

If your ISP didn't use the standard mime-type, you have to ask them what
they used.

If they don't understand the question (scary, but happened to me once) tell
them to do:

grep -i php httpd.conf

and send you the output.

Disclaimer:  The ISP in question may actually have simply mis-understood the
question the first time around, and didn't have to actually send me all the
output of the grep on the second go-around...

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