>Re: help help help!!!!!!pls........

First, use a valid subject.  Experts will simply hit "Delete" for such vague
subjects as "Help"

>I have multiple check boxes ...and I gave the single name to all check
>If I post to my php script I am not getting all the values as an
>array.....I am getting only one value(last value).....

Second, read the FAQ.


Third, you are correct. :-)

PHP needs [] in order to automatically build the nifty array of values on
the PHP side.

JavaScript will not, no matter how hard you try (I tried *everything*) allow
you to force [] into the Name of an object.

Your choices are:
1. In JavaScript, refer to the objects by position, not name.
document.form1[1].checked or whatever

2. In HTML/JavaScript provide and ID=xxx attribute, and refer to objects by
ID.  Never tried it, don't even know what an ID is if it's not a name, and
can't promise it will work, but that's what somebody said *LAST* *WEEK* on
this list.

3. Don't use [] in HTML, and in PHP tear apart the $REQUEST_URI yourself, by
hand.  Wouldn't recommend this last one, but it would work.  Put <?php
phpinfo();?> into your php script that accepts/process the POST, and you'll
see which variables have the checkbox names in them.  A little
http://php.net/explode and iteration, and you're done.

Please re-read the FAQ, though, as this question is addressed in there, so
it must be time for you to re-read it.


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